Thursday, August 6

The Death of Blogging

This is a eulogy to barrandgirl.blogspot

My blogging days have now lost their life and other social media has elbowed it out. I'm not going to review our journey and relationship but just call 'time of death' as sometime between the third child and the renovation. This is the last post.

I always find it weird that we have a tradition of showing people through our houses when we first visit. It's kinda voyeuristic and kinda stepping over boundaries. Despite that, I love doing it. I love collections, colours, things in frames, textures of surfaces, layout of workspaces, moods of rooms and heaps of other first world things. I love learning more about people by how they fluff their nests.

With that in mind I'm posting some pics of the rooms we now live in.

Thank you and goodnight.


This is it. Mostly painless renovation that we plan to live in until Silas leaves the nest at the age of 32. We built it to share and want many visitors and heaps of parties during the next few decades. I can't believe I live here and my gratitude compels me to wear it out for goodness and with hospitality. 

The Main Space

My corner office with a view
Opened all the bifolds for the photo.

New Bathroom

This bathroom was created in the old spare room. The pressed tin on the walls and a vintage crystal light fitting make me happy in here.

Dining room

This room used to be our dining, lounge and living space. We blocked off the bathroom and converted it to a guest ensuite and gutted the room of everything else. The four metre table is solid timber and needs 6 guys to move it....Gumtree bargain of $400 and a slab of beer for delivery. Lights are eBay and the old guy on King William Street, Bayswater who had 1000's to choose from. Love them like a fourth child (!)

Not too much changed through that doorway.

The Motel Suite

 We love guests so this is a spare room/activity room with its own ensuite. It's super duper light and sunny with north facing windows on three sides of the room. Absolutely lovely so come and stay.


Sleeping Rooms

These rooms were largely untouched. Boys sharing now and Jem has her own pink space.

Wednesday, July 9

Bits and Pieces from Myorka

Pink is still my favourite colour but now I tolerate various other ones as well.

Grandy to the rescue

We invited up a number of families from school to make damper and cook some snaggers on the fire.

Jem belly-flopped into the stream within seconds of wading around.  I blame her uninhibited female cousin for teaching her such things.


Everyone had gone home and we ate Lolly Gobble Bliss Bombs for dinner while watching The Lion King.

The next morning at 9:40am in Nana and Grandy's bed watching ABC2.

Nana's amazing garden with rocks for soil and no rain for months and months in summer.

He likes playing with big tractors too. 

Storming it up.

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