Thursday, August 6

The Death of Blogging

This is a eulogy to barrandgirl.blogspot

My blogging days have now lost their life and other social media has elbowed it out. I'm not going to review our journey and relationship but just call 'time of death' as sometime between the third child and the renovation. This is the last post.

I always find it weird that we have a tradition of showing people through our houses when we first visit. It's kinda voyeuristic and kinda stepping over boundaries. Despite that, I love doing it. I love collections, colours, things in frames, textures of surfaces, layout of workspaces, moods of rooms and heaps of other first world things. I love learning more about people by how they fluff their nests.

With that in mind I'm posting some pics of the rooms we now live in.

Thank you and goodnight.


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